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Many times we get questions about our program...Is it real? Is it legit? Can I do it?, and many others ranging from the weird to the bizarre...

This page was put together so you could have at your disposal, access to getting your questions answered and maybe even starting a tremendous journey of discovery into some really cool stuff...

The best thing is, we're giving it to you ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!

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Blood Washing Instruction

Bone Marrow Energy Packing

Sample Chi Power Training Workout

Standing Meditation Instruction


Beautiful Chi Power Poster of the Internal Organs (Hi-Res Printable File)

MP3 Audio Files & Instruction

MP3 Audio File on Getting Started

MP3 Audio File on Original Instruction

MP3 Bonus Audio on Advanced Material


We've Just added (4) Bonus Videos. These Videos will cover the following topics.

Video #1- Overview of Chi Power Plus


Video #2 Standing Meditaiton and Emitting Strong Chi


Video #3 Lying Down Meditation 

Video #4 Your Journey Into Chi is Just Starting


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Sifu Perhacs

Sifu Perhacs

Instructor, Scientific Premium Company-USA



Phase 1- The Chi Power Palm Test

This YouTube Video has been viewed over 100,00 times by people all over the world. This unique video was actually done as a lark when I was bored one day... I didn't chi up or anything, just got my daughters camera and started filming...

In fact, this was the very first video I did on YouTube, so keep that in mind...We still get emails every single day from people stating-> " I can feel your energy"!

Here's the deal though... If you are relaxed down enough, you can feel my energy over the video!

This is super cool stuff and will prove to you the chi is real and that you can feel it.. Take the test. Will you pass?

If you haven't seen it yet (or in a while), check it out...

Phase 2- The Secret Chi Power Seminars

First thing you should do is listen to the following two (2) FREE Seminars that Sifu Jones and I put together specifically to answer your questions... I promise one thing, and that is you will probably get more solid information from these almost 2 hours of fantastic content than most of the books on the market...

We cut through all the rubbish and let you know the truth...

You want the truth don't ya?

Both of these seminars are in MP3 format. You can download them right onto your IPod or MP3 player.

Seminar #1- Here is just sampling of what you'll learn.

Learn About The Hard Core Training Sifu Jones Went Through Overseas
Why There is more to this training than using breathing techniques
The difference between Yoga, Meditation, & Qigong
How Sifu Jones got to train with some of the most elite units of martial arts training
How Sifu Jones learned Iron Body Methods-The training will shock you!
The day he first met an old man with superior internal power
What makes this method of Chi Power Training different than others
Why using breath and sounds are destructive

Click Here To Download The MP3 File


Seminar #2- Here We Answer Some Common Questions

What is the difference between your method and other qigong or tai chi programs?

If your stuff is so good, why are you charging for it?

How Can I Project Energy From My Body?
I want to learn chi power so i can move stuff without touching it, will I learn that in The Chi Power Plus Course or Book?

How can I use Chi Power to Stop An Attacker?
Why Is it Called Blood Washing, If Your Working The Nerve Fibers?
I watched your video and i felt your energy through the screen of my laptop, i felt a pulsating force that was like a magent and soon i felt my palm get numb in certain spots, How can I slow my thoughts and meditate?

I'd like to know what role the dantien plays in chi storage. Can you pack it so full it becomes hard?

What is your lineage?
I Want to Buy Your Products, But I don't Know Where to Begin, Please Explain Your Products?

Click Here To Download The MP3 File

Seminar #3- Sifu Charles Dragoo Seminar

How he has trained with some of the top Internal
Practitioners in the world

His use of "Empty Force"

How he became a student of one of the top Qigong
teachers directly from China

The Difference between Yang and Yin Training

Why being effortless is more important than
forcing the chi

How to create permenant vs temporary energy
How to get in control of the energy instead of it
controlling you.

Why Control is better than power.

How and Why he turned his energy from repelling to attraction

* Since this is part of the Inner Circle curriculum. Out of respect for our students, it is only downloadable from the Inner Circle (This will be removed Midnight June 29th/30th). Here you can listen to it in audio streaming format.

Sorry You Missed This Awesome Info. Join The Inner Circle for This and Even More Powerful Instruction.

Seminar #4- The Men Who Stare at Goats Seminar

Promotion on the New Movie with George Clooney

Are there really groups like this in the military

What is the difference between how most learn these techniques vs how a Chi Power Specialist does them.
The Difference between Yang and Yin Training

The Technique of Knocking someone out while starring at them.

Walking Through Walls
Aspects of Levitation that most never even think of

Remote Viewing and Psychic Spying

Are Psychic Spys for real?

* This seminar will give you some answers to these and many other questions that you just can't get answered elsewhere...

Click Here To Download The MP3 File


Phase 3- The Master Secrets of Qigong & Chi Power Report

Ok, so check this out...We commissioned a professional writer to access our Chi Power Inner Circle Membership site and then catalog all of the information into a 70 page document that covers all the bases...

He was shocked at the amount of great content we provided to our members... In fact, because we has so much great content, it made his writing job that much easier...

This one report will give you more good credible information than most books on the subject of Qigong, Meditation or Energy Work...This is what the INNER CIRCLE is all about...

Click Here To Download The Special Report

Phase IV: The Video Vault

Here we've added some really interesting and cool videos showcasing as well as instructing you on specific concepts in our Chi Power Training program..

Special Video: Using Chi To Move Objects

This is the video with one of our Inner Circle Students moving around a Ping Pong ball with his chi. Really cool chi demonstration. Click Here to View


Special Video: Bending Metal With Chi Energy

This video is with one of our Certified Instructors Andrei, and he shows you how he bends metal with his chi. A truely remarkable video. The cool thing is, many of our Inner Circle Students have learned to do this technique quite easily...View It Here

Why Andrei Uses Our Method


For insight into why Andrei has selected this method of Advanced Chi Power Training.


Special Video: Qigong Pressure Training


This video is really cool. It explains alot and will allow you to see the depth of understanding with our system. No other school delves into the scientific aspects of how this works on the body like The Chi Power Inner Circle.


Special Video: What's The Price of Mastery?


WARNING. This video exposes the cost effectiveness of the Chi Power Inner Circle as it compares to different methods of instruction.This is a Must Watch For anyone serious about wanting to join the Elite of The INNER CIRCLE.




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